About me

I'm passionate about two things: technology and programming. I love to write code because I consider it a creative art. And, as with art, there is no single correct way to write code. I strive to create code that is elegant, polite and aesthetically pleasing. This is what resonates with me the most, and this is what I take pride in. In my journey, I hope to inspire everyone to find fulfillment by expressing oneself through aesthetics, and creativity.

Personal portfolio

Projects I have worked on in my free time


A minimal website which showcases Journal and facilitates user registration


A privacy-first, open-source platform for keeping a journal. Journal is designed to help you document your life, daily happenings, special occasions, and reflections on your goals.


A minimal single page website which showcases the portfolio and services for a handyman company.

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I provide a 30-day satisfaction guarantee for any business you conduct with me. Should you encounter any issues with my delivery, I will resolve the problems for you free of charge.